Enriching the lives of adults with disabilities through exploration and enlightenment

Beside Me, LLC
1200 Columbus Avenue
Marysville, Ohio 43040

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About Us

Beside Me

For most of his life, son Eric has inspired our family and others around him that every day is a day to smile, even with disabilities.  And for most of his life, where ever he went, he wanted me to share the moment with him. So he would encourage me to walk along side him as fast as I could to explore something new for him. He would always smile and say “Beside ME”

 That simple request was the inspiration for  “Beside ME”, LLC, a place where young to middle aged adults with disabilities can enjoy a day full of smiles.

The Beside Me Partnership

Beside Me, LLC has developed a partnership with Person Centered Services, Inc of Pickerington, Ohio to collaboarte and deliver person centered support inititaves to develop independence and individual empowerment.

Beside Me

Every day we connect with our participants and start the day with a smile our our desire to be "Beside Me"

Deliver the highest degree of service to our consumers with respect, caring and joy in a safe, independent and interactive environment

Practice sound business principles and professional conduct deemed above average by our peers

Network ideas and issues with those in this service; connections to assist in mentoring, establishing referrals and be a strong advocate for the disabled

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